NEW YORK CITY – aug 20th to aug 25th


Welcome to My Queendom of seduction, enslavement and utter surrender. I live for the best of life’s spoils and you live to spoil Me. What better way for you to dedicate yourself than insuring I remain the classy, elite and snobbish QueenBitch I was reincarnated as ad infinitum.

Face it, you would not know the first thing about approaching Me in the streets, and here, I would not look at you twice if you were broke. Find your new purpose under My well manicured feet. Work your way to a meaningful existence under my ass. Scramble to follow My orders and earn a nod of approval from Me.Kl9jTQMioepChL2NQ6xWEdeeeOZaCT5Y6m3gksRMoNEM5s4W5616Nca5560K9GVGXN9_npGpbms9KYnLJZpwiA536nHBe0BP6FPQGXp8jA7AgI7cx06BEb5CYdQlqVRvIhdraY17OXCNsjqgyLLHfSOSNaj9Dj9dZMQYYI7rDVJM

I am a sadist of the mind and body. Your torments will never end, strive to please, breathe to serve. I am your new Ruler. My control of you put you in direct proximity with My devilishly witty mind and even closer access to My femme fatale body; I mean 36DD – 28 – 46, a body is not sculpted any more perfect. I am the perfect tease.

My main interest remains; SPH, FTT, CBT, milking, cum eating, financial domination, tease and denial, chastity, objectification, ass worship and slut training!

It pleases Me to watch you crawl as I humiliate you and forced you to entertain Me, all in the hopes of being worthy enough. Haha, keep working on it, boy! It satisfies My ego when I watch you eagerly await for a flash of My generous boobs, a brush of My silky Nubian skin or even a taste of My essence.

Persistence and dedication to keeping My main hobbies fulfilled may bestow you a prize spot as My collared pet.

Earn it!