Kneel, you are in the domain of a Queen Goddess! I am the strict Mistress Fatale commanding you to your ruin! I demand everything of you but, it’s never enough. My dominance is unmistakably powerful, once I have placed My foot on your neck, it is surrender or break. I live My life truly enjoying turning you on to the New Old Order, Black Female Supremacy. I have established Myself as Queen, Empress and Goddess.

Oh, how I enjoy torturing My slave through eye contact restrictions, masturbation and orgasm control, chastity devices, teasing and verbal abuse but, My seductive and nurturing nature is what assure your addiction. I am skilled in toilet training, tease/denial, corporal punishment, and reconditioning, you have arrived at the right place! Serving Me is the most dominant, strict, and blissful experience you could imagine. My dominance is Superiority, it does not reside in giving make-believe orders. After you have recognize Me as your owner, the rest will follow.

My dominance offers Me a maturity few benefits from without the age to acquire it. I am living the life few can even imagine. To have the power to command a human being, bend them to My will grows Me to height beyond the human realm. My very essence is of such potency, I suspect I awe you! If W/we had a few more Women able to reach their potential as a few Supremes and Me have, O/our world could only benefit from it. The intrinsic sensuality that stems from a woman aware of Her authority is the greatest aphrodisiac. Whatever you glean from your visit to My site, next time you see a Woman, reminds Her of Her power, you will be richer for it.